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Christmas Time

I have to admit this is my favorite time of year. I love the songs, the food, getting and giving gifts, Christmas trees, decorations, and celebrating the birth of Jesus. I think this is the time to reflect on all  the blessings and good things that we have. It is very easy in life to get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of life to forget what is important versus what is not important.

    Now is the time that most people take stock of their lives and count their blessings.  It is a good time to reflect on the good things that we have in our lives.  If you have your health, a home, food, friends, and family then you are truly blessed.  The problem is that we are thankful now but what happens once the holidays end?  Most people go back to forgetting all the good things in their life and looking at once they are missing.  They complain about traffic or the annoying co-worker.  Now, I am not saying that someone doesn't have a right to be sad, angry, or depressed.  Rat…

Compassion and Grace

We should strive to show compassion to everyone who is struggling with something in life which includes drug and/or alcohol abuse. This includes not only the user but also friends and family members.  Those who are caught in the storm of drug abuse usually feel alone and rejected by everyone.  There is usually no solid foundation on which to rely or count on.  We should offer support and help in whatever capacity we can provide no matter how large or small.

True compassion does not eqaul weakness.  It takes strength to show compassion and to provide grace to others. It requires that we help build up people when they need it the most.  This does not mean that we are required to give a free pass to someone.  Rather, it means giving help while holding someone accountable for his or her actions.

We need to remember that everyone has a weakness and struggles with something to overcome.  For some people it might be food, shopping, or gambling. We all need to acknowledge that we are to provi…

Greater Expectations

It is time for us to expect more from our politicians, the media, celebrities, and any other person who wields power in our society. Too many times we allow a soundbite or feel good answer to pass for a plan to address a serious issue in our society. This includes the growing problem of addiction to narcotics. A politician sits down for a so-called interview.The report begins with statistics about the ever increasing drug addiction in the United States. There are photos or videos of narcotics and usually someone being arrested or in prison. Then the politician states something along the lines that we need a “comprehensive plan” to combat the  epidemic of drug abuse in the United States and that everyone needs to come together to solve this issue. The interviewer satisfied with the no-answer and there is a follow up to finish the segment. 
What is going to happen next? No dollar amount is given to finance the so-called plan. Where is the money going to come from? From increased taxes …