Compassion and Grace

We should strive to show compassion to everyone who is struggling with something in life which includes drug and/or alcohol abuse. This includes not only the user but also friends and family members.  Those who are caught in the storm of drug abuse usually feel alone and rejected by everyone.  There is usually no solid foundation on which to rely or count on.  We should offer support and help in whatever capacity we can provide no matter how large or small.

True compassion does not eqaul weakness.  It takes strength to show compassion and to provide grace to others. It requires that we help build up people when they need it the most.  This does not mean that we are required to give a free pass to someone.  Rather, it means giving help while holding someone accountable for his or her actions.

We need to remember that everyone has a weakness and struggles with something to overcome.  For some people it might be food, shopping, or gambling. We all need to acknowledge that we are to provide a helping hand to a fellow human who needs help.  Everyone, no matter who, has needed the help of someone else at one time or another in life.  Nobody gets through this life without getting a helping hand.  Asking for help does not mean that you are weak but it shows strength to admit that you can't do it all by yourself.  And I have found that people who fail to give grace to others usually need the greatest amount of grace from those around them.


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