New Year, New Laws

Tennessee, like many states, passed new laws and statutes that went into effect on January 1.  I have gone through the very long list and picked out the three that are most likely to impact the most people.

1. Talking on a hand-held device (cellphone) while driving a vehicle in a marked school zone with the flashers operating is now a C misdemeanor that calls for up to a $50 fine.  

2. Any lights that are in the front part of your vehicle must either be white or amber.  There are exceptions for law enforcement, mail carriers, school buses, and various other security vehicles. I did not know that lights for the front section of my vehicle came in any other colors but now I do. 

3. And any handgun carry applicant who passed any combat pistol training or a small arms training program while serving in the military is exempt from having to complete the firing range test that is necessary to receive a handgun carry permit.  I would hope that a person trained in the military is able to pass the handgun range portion.  Otherwise, we are in big trouble.


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