What steps need to be taken to help ensure that treatment is sought whenever someone is abusing alcohol and/or drugs. No reasonable person can make an argument that we can ever build enough jails or prisons to get this country out of our drug addiction problem. The war on drugs was lost years ago. 

Some people take the position that we need to treat drug addiction as a disease and treat it accordingly. Fair enough. I agree but that position fails to take into account the personal motivation of the person who is seeking treatment. Most people who are sick will be motivated to follow the treatment guidelines because he or she has an incentive to get well and be cured of the disease or illness. 

On the other hand, someone suffering from addiction does have an incentive to continue using drugs and/or alcohol. Some people may say that is crazy--why would anybody make the decision to continue using given everything negative that happens with drug use. Guess what? The decision to continue using drugs is made millions of time across the world everyday. The addict is not thinking logically. The person is getting high because the body craves the drug. So the million dollar question is how to deal with an addict who has made the decision, for whatever reason, to not seek any treatment that may be available to him or her.


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